Common Sense isn’t so common.  In fact, it should probably be labeled a super power.

The Airsoft Bible should not be a replacement for proper research or forusing your freakin’ brain and experience.  These books is not the ONLY way to do things, it is not the only RIGHT way to do things, in most cases it is one of several ways to do things, sometimes it might be the wrong way to do things.  Although called a “bible”, it is a GUIDE, designed to help provide a basic understanding and grounding so that you can understand and adapt to YOUR situation.  This book is not gospel, it is not the unquestionable bible, it will not keep you from making mistakes, it is not going to make you the ultimate, uber-warrior and it will not answer all your questions.  It should make you ask more questions and allow you to focus your research.  It should help provide you with a box to think outside of.

Why write these books?  People sometimes think that they are not better at airsoft because their weapon is not better, or that their gear is not better, their camouflage is not superior, etc.  The reality is their tactics suck.  It is always easier to blame others.  “I got shot because his weapon has a better range…” no, you got shot because he saw you BEFORE you got into range for your weapon.  “I need a weapon with an insane rate of fire” depends on why you really want the ROF.  If you are a rifleman it is because you are a really bad shot and fifty rounds will increase your chance to hit because you can spray and pray.  However, you look at it, somebody wearing Bermuda shorts and a Hawaiian shirt and a springer pistol can defeat the ‘uber warrior’ with every weapon and piece of gear imaginable if his tactics are superior.

I do not claim to know everything, be perfect or never make mistakes.  Combat, even simulated combat like airsoft is an art form.  Like all art forms there are many ways of doing things, many different schools of thought and many different techniques based on those schools.  Airsoft is the same.  Different people have different experiences that shape their perceptions and beliefs and different techniques work for different people but not always for everyone.

The purpose of this book is not to be an end-all ‘this is the only right way to do things’ type book.  It is designed to help people along on the path of a Zen Airsoft Warrior.  Everything in this book is intended to help guide warriors not dictate to them.  Every situation is different, every person is unique, (just like everyone else) so the real warrior should adapt to the situation and should not blindly follow dogma because it will inevitably be run over by Karma.  The primary purpose of this book is to expand thinking and present new ideas and in some cases to give old ideas an additional look.  The most effective warrior is one who can think for himself and adapt different techniques to the situation at hand.  The history of a technique or tactic frequently gives us valuable understanding of what, why, and how something evolved.  When possible, I try to give some history or purpose behind a tactic or technique so the prospective warrior can ‘read between the lines’ and more fully understand what and why.  I will repeat myself in different areas to hammer it home or emphasize something.

As a former Marine infantry squad leader and a veteran, I think ‘the book’ is a good teaching guide but in reality it is just a guide, it gives people a common frame of reference so that when they do change the script people are more able to understand how and why the script was changed.

Professionals are predictable but the world is full of amateurs so leave ‘luck’ to the amateurs and stack the deck in your favor.

Do not take these books as gospel.  Read it, seek to understand it and use what works for you!  Everyone is different.

Thank you.

–           William “Warcat” Frisbee

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